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Welcome to AYSO Region 337

Our Soccer Programs

AYSO 337 offers a variety of playing options for kickers of ALL levels!

VIP is for our Very Important Players! Those who are mentally and/or physically disABLED meet once a week for fun scrimmages!

*Playground is where our 3 yr olds play! They meet once a week for about an hour and end pracs with a small 4v4 game! There are no refs, no goalies, no score kept, and coaches may be on the field with their players!

*Schoolyard is for our 4 yr olds! It runs much the same way as Playground!

*both Playground and Schoolyard meet on Sunday afternoons at 337

U6 is for 5 yr old players! They meet once a week for about an hour for a 30-minute practice then play a quick game with no refs, no score, no goalies, and their coach on the field to help! All U6 games are at 337. U6 is 4v4 with 4 quarters and a half time

U8 is where 6 and 7 yr olds play! They meet twice a week to practice for about an hour then have their games on Saturday mornings! (Most seasons, we have enough teams to keep them all “in-house” meaning that all games are played against other 337 U8 teams at our fields) We still are not keeping score, we still do not use goalies and there is still no ref. Coaches are also still on the field to help! Games are played 6v6 with 4 quarters and a half time

U10 is for 8 and 9 yr olds! Players at this age also meet twice a week for about an hour. This is where we start keeping score, training and playing with goalies, begin using refs when we can, and the coach comes off the field! Games are played 7v7 for 4 quarters and a half time and the build-out line is enforced. This is also the age when teams will begin to travel to other regions on Saturday mornings!

U12 is for our kickers 10 and 11! They meet twice weekly for a little over an hour. We keep score, we require refs, and coaches are of course not on the fields. Games are played 9v9 with 4 quarters and a half time

U14 and up runs much like U12 but now we play with live subs! (No quarter breaks, only halftime) Coaches can send and pull players on and off the field while the clock is still running! Games are played 11v11 with two halves and a half time

AYSO UNITED is for higher level players. Tryouts are held in the fall over 2 or 3 days. Players will make a 1 year commitment to their team and play year round moving indoor during the winter seasons. UNITED meets several times a week and most games are played downtown on one of the Emerald fields. Training jerseys are required for practices, headers are allowed, games are played 11v11 with live subs.

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