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Welcome to AYSO Region 337


   Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 are Membership Year (MY) 2023

Q: When is registration for Fall 2022?

A; June 17th thru July 30th/Aug 5th
     Early Bird Registration fee... $75.00 thru July 30th
     Late fee of $15.00 will be added July 31st-Aug 5th (for a total registration fee of $90.00)
     After Aug 5th, registration will only be opened to fill empty roster spaces on individual teams.
     Once all rosters are full, there will absolutely be no further registration available.

Q: When does the season begin and end?
A: Games run September 10th-Oct 29th 

Q: What are other IMPORTANT DATES this season?!
A:     REQUIRED Coach and Referee training...Tuesday 7/12, 7/19, 7/26, 8/02
        Practices may begin for *qualifying teams Monday, Aug 1st
        Last day to submit TEAMWORK points...Friday Aug 12th
        AYSO 337 Fun Run...Friday September 2nd
        AYSO 337 Halloween Carnival...Saturday, Oct 29th
        AYSO 337 6U/8U Section 5b Jamboree...Saturday, Nov 5th
     * Rosters WILL ONLY BE RELEASED to coaches who have attended selected trainings and met ALL online training requirements, including:
       -Concussion Awareness
       -Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness
       -Age Specific training
       -A completed background check (paid for by AYSO 337)
       -1 Coaches meeting AND 1 Referee training...yes, coaches are required to know the rules of the game! 

Q: How are players placed into age divisions?
A: Our system will automatically place your kicker into the correct age division based on BIRTH YEAR
    For Membership Year (MY) 2022-2023, we will place based on the following:
                                                2019 Playground...focus on motor skill development
                                                2018 Schoolyard...focus on motor skill development
                                                2017 KickStarters..first season playing games, 1 practice per weekday and 20 before Saturday kickoff, plays 4v4
                                                2015-2016 8U...2 pracs a week, no keeper, no score, no ref, coaches on the field, 6v6
                                                2013-2014 10U 2 pracs a week, play with keeper, keep score, enforce build out line, coaches not on field, 7v7
                                                2011-2012 12U 2 pracs a week, play with keeper, keep score, no build out line, coaches not on field, 9v9

Q: Can I request that my child "play up/down" a division?
A: If your player is already playing up in a division from a previous season, they may continue to do so. HOWEVER, due to an overwhelming number of requests for players to play in different age division, we will now be keeping players in the division in which their birth year falls

Q: What are TEAMWORK points?! So glad you asked!! 
A: Teams will be awarded TEAMWORK points based on the following:
    30 TWP for teams with a head coach...consisting of 5 points for each of the 6 above online training requirements 
    15 TWP for a volunteer referee (training, referee shirt, and whistle provided)
    15 TWP for a volunteer field liner (training provided!)
    10 TWP for a concessions volunteer 
    20 TWP for a field volunteer...a parent to "sweep" the field before each game and practice..more info provided to those who volunteer
    10 TWP for an Events Committee volunteer...a parent to help plan the Fun Run and Halloween Carnival!

Teams that meet their 100 TWP's by Aug 12th with Teamworkers that CONSISTENTLY contribute throughout the season, will be awarded a PIZZA PARTY at the Halloween Carnival on Oct 29th!! (6U and 8U teams only need to meet 85 TWP's because that age division does not require or provide referees)

Q: What will my players schedule look like?
A: Teams 8U and above will practice twice a week. Please note that practice schedules are set BY THE TEAM'S COACH. Coaches may choose to practice M/Th or T/F or even Sunday Afternoons! *Please note that the only way to ensure that your child’s practices fit into your family’s schedule is to volunteer to coach your players team! 6U practices Thursday evening and may also meet again for a quick 20 practice just before their Saturday morning games! Playground and Schoolyard meet on Sunday afternoons! Refunds are NOT granted for scheduling conflicts


Q; How is the seasonal practice schedule set?
A: Coaches may choose between M/Th, T/F, and even Wednesdays and Sundays to set practices. We recommend that you do not begin pracs before 5:30 on weeknights.  PRACTICE SCHEDULE (Field time) IS SET FOR THE SEASON ON A FIRST COME/FIRST SERVE BASIS


Q: Who sets the Inter-Regional (IR) game schedule?
A: Christy Hendrickson, RC for AYSO Region 124 makes the IR (Interregional) game schedule. I have no insight or influence over where and when your child will play. Age divisions with enough teams may be kept “in house”, meaning, they will not have to travel to other regions to play. Playground, Schoolyard, 6U, and  8U play at the 337 fields.

 Q: Where and When will my child play?
A: Playground/Schoolyard...Sunday afternoons at 337
     6U/8U...Saturday mornings at 337
     10U and older...337 and also travel to other regions within AYSO Area 5b including Maryville, Pellissippi, Straw Plains, Harrogate, Alcoa, Powell, Ball Camp, Sevierville, Lakeshore, New Port, Morristown, and Norris

Q: Who will coach my child?
A: Hopefully YOU! All AYSO coaches are volunteers...we absolutely cannot run this program without YOU! You may choose to have an assistant to help you with practices, drills, and game day decisions! Practices cannot begin until your child has a registered coach that has met all requirements! Training, whistle, and coaches tshirt provided. 

Q: When will I be notified about my child’s team/coach/practice schedule?
A: Once your players roster has been filled and a parent has volunteered and registered to coach, and completed all training,  you will be sent an email! IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD FROM YOUR PLAYERS COACH BY AUG 12 ABOUT A PRACTICE SCHEDULE, IT’S MORE THAN LIKELY BECAUSE NO ONE HAS VOLUNTEERED TO TAKE THE TEAM

Q: Who will ref my child’s games?
A: Again, all AYSO referees are registered volunteers! We need parents to step into these roles in order to make this season happen! MULTIPLE REF TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES WILL BE PROVIDED AT THE FIELDS... TEAMS 10U and up MAY NOT BEGIN PRACTICING UNTIL THEY HAVE A REGISTERED REFEREE

Q: How much does it cost for my kiddo to play?
A: Playground/Schoolyard:
    *Registration fee $55
    **Jersey $20
   *Registraion Fee $75
    **Jersey $30
    * After July 30 a $15 late fee will be applied
    **If your player still fits into last season's jersey, they do not have to buy a new one..this does not apply to players moving from Schoolyard to 6U. Those players will  need a Core jersey

Q; *What is AYSO 337's Refund Policy?
Please understand that a tremendous amount of work, effort, and hours go into building and balancing team rosters. If a refund is requested and granted, not only is an entire team affected, but also the whole age division in which that team is built...and for those reasons, the following refund policy is in place...
A: Refunds are NOT issued for the following:
     A team does not have a volunteer coach
     A player was not granted their teammate request
     A player cannot attend practices due to schedule conflicts
     A player cannot attend games due to schedule conflicts
     A player decides to not play
    Refunds may be issued for the following:
    A player gets hurt during an AYSO 337 sanctioned practice or game and will not be able to return to the field. Refund requests must be accompanied by a doctor's note and will be settled on a case by case basis by AYSO 337's governing board. In some cases, fees may be rolled over into the following season.
    *A $35.00 re-rostering fee may be applied

Q: What if my child has a coach or teammate request?
A: 6U and 8U players may REQUEST 1 teammate. Requests must be EMAILED to [email protected] no later than July 30 with "Teammate Request" in the subject line and please note that while we try to do our best... THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES... 

Q: How do I order my player’s jersey?
A: Once a roster has been filled and a coach who has met all training requirements has been assigned, you will be sent an email from with a link to order. Jerseys will be mailed directly to you!

Q: What does my player need by first practice?

A: Cleats...any brand but they MUST BE SOCCER CLEATS, not baseball or football
     Shin guards
     soccer socks
     Size appropriate ball labeled with last name (Playground thru U8 uses size 3, U10/U12 size 4, U14+ size 5)
     Water bottle labeled with last name

Q: Will my player get a trophy at the end of the season?
A: AYSO does not provide team trophies or medals, however, parents are more than welcome to collect money, order awards, and plan a ceremony! More info will be provided at coach training 

Q: Can my child play with an arm cast?
A: Absolutely matter how much bubble wrap you put on there! 

Q: Are there specific items not allowed to be worn by players on the field?
A: Yes! Absolutely no jewelry, (with the exception of a medical ID bracelet, which must be covered with something soft) is allowed to be worn during games…no bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. Please note that you will be asked to remove your child’s earrings even if “they just got pierced yesterday!”

Q: What is AYSO 377's pet policy?
A: Due to prior incidents and  in an effort to keep all players and spectators safe, AYSO 337 DOES NOT ALLOW PETS at practices, scrimmages, or games...even if they are on a leash. 

Q: May I smoke if I walk away from the fields or to my car?
A: No, no alcoholic beverages, smoking or vaping are permitted ANYWHERE within the gates.

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